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COLLEGE VISITS - Student Reviews


Judy Bailey College Planning

-Brian Shen, St. Margaret's

Wash U was amazing. It had a great campus, great dorms, a great city - though the streets were a little confusing--and great people. They were all very nice and welcoming. I even sat in on an introductory linguistics class and talked with the professor. The class was very small - about 30 students--and their discussions were lively and interesting.

They have a great night life. There is a tapas restaurant that many people frequent, and there are many venues, one of which many major bands stop by before they go on tour. Tickets are usually very cheap!

​-Peter Yould, Corona del Mar

During my visit to Occidental, I fell in love with the liberal arts system and the comfortable campus. When I first got there, I took the campus tour which showed me the overall layout of the campus. I liked how students in the dorms worked together on writing assignments. Along with social science, I went to a seminar discussing Occidental's distinct core program. This is where my interest in the liberal arts system was sparked.

In between seminars, I ate lunch with a current student at Oxy and the head of admissions. It was very informative to hear about the other side of the admissions process and student life. This first college visit has gotten me excited not only for the process of finding my dream college, but also getting my education there.