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12th Grade Counseling

Assist with the development of the college list based on interests, discuss Early application options, update and review the student resume, discuss prep of CDs/DVDs to showcase talent, help with NCAA/ athletic recruiting, prepare for college interviews, organize for effective letter of recommendation requests, help develop/ edit essays, review applications before submission, assist with college choices.

Grade level packages include unlimited phone calls and email throughout the year. 

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​Judy Bailey at or (949) 463-3851.

  • Understanding Early Decision and Early Action
  • Brainstorming for powerful college essays
  • Prep for the interview
  • Obtaining effective letters of recommendation
  • Helping match the student to the college

11th Grade Counseling

Review academic achievement and plan ahead, review testing and determine appropriate time line, update the resume, begin college research based on PSAT scores, plan relevant summer activities/ internships, discuss how to highlight athletics/special talents, review Early application options, discuss maximizing the college visit. 

Judy Bailey brings a unique perspective to college counseling. She has experienced the college admissions process as a parent of three (all graduates of UCLA) and as a high school educator for the past 30 years. As an independent college consultant since 2004, and having been Corona del Mar High School's college counselor in Newport Beach from 2000-2004 and San Clemente High School's college and career advisor from 1994-2000, Mrs. Bailey has assisted students throughout the country and Canada. 

Mrs. Bailey's goal is to provide the best admissions counseling possible. Judy completed UC San Diego's first-year College Admission Counseling program in 1996, the advanced program in 1998, and the Specialized Certificate and 130-hour practicum in 1999. Mrs. Bailey was a participant in the Summer Institute on College Admissions, sponsored by Harvard University and the College Board in 2000.

Where to Start???

One-hour conference to review a customized Application Organizer which will include: timeline for college applications; deadlines; testing specifics; early vs regular stats (when available); letter of rec requirements; essay prompts. 

Judy recognizes that acquiring the knowledge to help students make informed decisions is a priority, so she makes it a point to visit and assess college campuses throughout the United States, meet with college admissions personnel, and attend regional conferences each year.

Mrs. Bailey has trained and mentored new college counselors and has presented seminars on navigating the admissions process for parents and students throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties. She is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). 

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9th Grade Counseling

Develop a four-year academic plan, discuss extracurricular activities, review grades and progress reports, consider testing options, discuss summer enrichment/ community service, study skills workshop, and begin the student resume. 

10th Grade Counseling

Update the student resume, determine an appropriate testing time line, discuss relevant extracurricular activities, review grades/ plan academic courses, research community service options, study skills workshop, determine summer enrichment. 

  • Four-year academic planning
  • Summer & academic enrichment
  • Testing timelines & strategies
  • Searching for appropriate colleges
  • Athletic eligibility & recruiting for Division I and II schools

Judy Bailey College Planning

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  • Graduate School Application Assistance
  • Arts Supplements
  • College Transfer Packages
  • Test Prep
  • Academic Tutoring

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